London based Chef Tom Wolfe is one of the worlds leading creative chefs and culinary artists. Having studied Fine Art at Parsons and Culinary Arts at the French Culinary Institute in New York, Wolfe carved out a unique role as a Chef, food designer and artist. Having exhibited, creative catered and performed for blue-chip clients around the world, his current focus is on creating spectacular installations at exhibitions and events combining aesthetic and sensory experience.

Wolfe’s work is informed by his fascination for time and place, and the role that sensory experience plays in evoking memories. While art largely relies on the visual senses, Wolfe seeks to activate the viewer’s sense of smell and taste to create immersive and performative works.

Since 2002 Wolfe has collaborated with renowned photographer Richard Haughton. Together they have produced a series of remarkable images expressing their interests in performance, food and art. Wolfe and Haughton’s work has been published widely in magazines including Condé Nast’s Baku, L’Officiel and Harper’s Bazaar.

With a star-studded client list the length of many a red carpet, Wolfe cooks for icons like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Stella McCartney, taking his unique culinary concepts all over the world. Merging food with performance art and product design he is often invited to art direct, exhibit, cook and style for luxury brands, such as Dom Perignon, HUAWEI and Roberto Cavalli.