Architectural Canapés

As a food artist, Wolfe has found a variety of mediums to exhibit his work and offer guests a two in one experience merging fashion, art and food. This innovative perspective on what fashion is and how food can be combined with it allows Wolfe to organise a completely dynamic sensory experience that satisfies all the senses.

Wolfe’s attention to detail means that he is able to manage multiple teams while working closely with designers or organisers to create the perfect pieces to compliment the event, while still ensuring his personal style, design and influences shine through. Wolfe’s work speaks for itself while still allowing all aspects of the event to shine. His work with SORAPOL perfectly encapsulated his own vision as well as incorporating the traditional Thai aspects of the venue with the vision of Thai modernity the event was showcasing. This ability to combine his own work with that of brands of venues is why Wolfe has experience with Dom Perignon, Hennessey and Roberto Cavalli among many other huge names.

Architectural food art with a variety of mediums is work that Wolfe has been exploring for a number of years. From architectural jellies to surrealist landscapes and everything in between, Wolfe can create work that is evocative and embraces feelings of awe and even childlike wonder.

The show stopping nature of the pieces may be an aspect that pulls you but it is not the only benefit to collaborating with Wolfe. Wolfe’s famous designer plates match the fashion canapés and wearable trays, which guarantees a level of service that cannot be matched by other catering services.

Wolfe’s work incorporates breath-taking visuals perfect for the social media age. This can give any opening or event a marketing edge. However, this galvanising appearance doesn’t mean an event has to sacrifice creating an ambience for the attendees that is truly spectacular. Combining visuals with scents and tastes truly allows people to be fully immersed in the culinary experience.