Take what you are given

This installation is based on Tom's reaction to the British politeness of accepting what
you are being offered without any complaints.

''Arriving from New York in the 1990's I was shocked how my English friends would pay quite a lot of money for bad service, bad food and rude wait staff at some of London’s best-known restaurants. When I asked why they did not return the steak they had ordered rare and arrived well done they all seemed to reply to me 'in England you take what you are given' later I would often witness them begin to argue, punch walls or literally get into physical fights. I was sure this was the built-up frustrations of being so well mannered beyond’'

Guests walk up and a hand comes out with anything from a cup of tea, a
cupcake or in some luxury cases a Rolex watch or a piece of jewellery!!

Contemporary, fun and suitable for all ages.